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My artistic biography

2019 - ...

I am starting a DAS in Art Therapy at the HES of Lausanne in parallel with my artistic activities. With e-motion pictures, we develop a new concept entitled "The Incredible" to offer support to the culture of young people aged 15-25 in the many artistic fields. I am the president for two years of my musical association "Recovery Syndrome", a musical collective based in Fribourg with 25 active members. We give different concerts in events and festivals. I now know that my future is in a good balance between my artistic life and my academic career. I have just as much passion for the four arts that will be cited throughout this site, it is the periods of demand that are changing enormously. It’s getting more precise...


2016 - 2019

I’m starting university in Fribourg to get my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I’m starting a new audiovisual production start-up with two friends called "e-motion pictures". The first video mandates allow me to gain a bit of my financial independence. I start shooting outside. With the help of various models, I sharpen my eye and my critical mind on the content I receive.


Recovery Syndrome - NOIRfondTRANSPARENT.
rendu emotion-01.png

2014 - 2016

I am completing my civil service in the social field (animation in a centre with people with disabilities as well as in an EMS). I have the idea of proposing painting sessions as an activity for residents, which gives me a taste for creation. As a result of my compulsory service, I do one year at the Conservatoire de Fribourg in the field of pre-professional theatre. I have not pursued this course of study, but the social and scenic skills I acquire there will help me to orient myself then in psychology. I take professional photography courses on a former website I take photos of friends for their resume career. I also make promotional films for people from time to time.


2010 - 2014

I do my graduate years at the College of Gambach to achieve gymnasial maturity. I start guitar in 2010, self-taught, via tutorials. My dream at this time is to become a comedian/ comedian. This is the first time I’ve held a camera in my hands to film my sketches. I also produce, during these studies, a nonantaine of videos (podcasts) for youtube. The Youtube community that I gather brings me to meet many people, to be followed by a part of the French-speaking Switzerland, and opens me up to many opportunities. These videos include music clips, webseries, sketches, etc... To perfect my skills, I go on stage, in front of a monthly audience, with the Swiss Comedy Club Open Stage, and I write my very first One Man Show that I play in the summer of 2014. This show is a mixture of humour and music where I perform for the first time on stage my own musical compositions. In addition to writing sketches, I am part of the Vertige Theatre Troupe for 4 years, where I perfect my stage play



2007 - 2010

Entering the Gibloux Orientation Cycle, I discover the theatre with Michel Sapin. I also practice in an outside troupe called "The Arbanel". This art allows me to get out of my teenage misery. I have a lot of fun there. I stop taking drawing classes the same year for lack of time with my sports and school activities.


2000 - 2007

When I entered elementary school, I started drawing classes that allowed me to channel my emotions. At that time, I prefer pencil than paint. Very quickly I progress and see the potential for fulfillment in this activity. I keep making a joke in class, my happiness being in the smile that I could provoke in people. Life goes by fast and I’m a teenager


1994 - 2000

Not much to say at the artistic level about this period of childhood. You know, modelling clay, a badge machine, a miniature karaoke... and that’s it for the rest. We discover the first forms of art, the first being to make "laugh the gallery".

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